Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We, Nav Bharat Tubes, maintaining our high-level standards & always conscious of our ethics and integrity, we are dedicated to delivering client’s needs & requirements and improving the world around us.

Corporate social Responsibilities have been stated as an important parameter in the Ministry of Stainless Steel. Corporate social Responsibilities activities majorly focusing on environmental care, education, health care, family welfare, social initiatives & activities and other aspects & features are underway in the Stainless steel. Nav Bharat Tubes employees highly actively participated in the plantation activity with a goal of improving the urban city area. Our dedicated team has also been put in place to hundred per cent assure long-term sustainability of this effort. Our efforts toward tree plantation program that motto to raise the tree-plantation cover to the left area of the total geographical area of the city. In fact, our main mission towards corporate social Responsibilities to balancing economic health & welfare, environmental surroundings & responsibility and social advantages for the community. Our team also funding medical treatment in government medical sector and conducting health camps for underprivileged children. Along with this, we also balance the developing economic value with societal value.

We firmly believe the wealth & health and welfare of around people, the overall community and society, as a whole, is innate to our approach to business. We also do employee generation with value for money as per their requirement and needs. Apart from all, we deliver & develop sustainable business practices. Discover and respond to any threats and opportunities coming to employees.

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