Infrastructure & Facilities


Based in jaipur our manufacturing unit is well-equipped with all latest machineries, required to manufacture quality array of pipes and tubes. Entire process of manufacturing is carried out by skilled workers and engineers they know how to handle the machines and carry out the work systematically. R&D department is specially developed to get the idea of current market trends and technological changes taking place in industry.

We have following testing facilities:

Heat treatment facilities:

Elongation, Tensile, Hardness, Yield, Breaking load are carefully tested after conducting heat test. Hardening, Tempering, Normalizing and Quenching are conducted, in order to have desired results meeting clients’ demands.

Surface finish facilities:

Different finishing to surfaces is given by us like Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Black Oxide, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Painting and many more.

Testing Facilities:

We carefully carry out Non-Destructive Testing and Mechanical/ Chemical Testing in our well equipped lab; we also have the facility of Weld Test Facilities.

Plant & Machinery

We have three mills having size range from ½” to 8″ and also Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections from 16x16xmm to 180×180 mm and 25×50 to 200×100 upto maximum thickness of 5.4 mm. We have also added another galvanized bath which will enhance our G.I capacity by another 3000 MT per month from the existing capacity of 3000 MT per month. We are adding three more mills of size range 1″,2 ½” and 1.2″ .The in-house lab has been upgraded with the modern equipments where we can carry all the test such as Tensile Test, Flattening Test, Drift Test, Crushing Test, Bend Test and Hydrostatic Testing and in addition to this the pipes are being tested on line Eddy Current Tester. Each and every pipe is hydrostatically tested and straightened before dispatch.

To keep pace with ever-growing market demand and take the lead, Nav Bharat Tubes Ltd., has installed a modern high speed tube mill on latest technology .The mill operates at a speed of 110 meters/minutes.

Testing Facilities:

The following testing facilities are available within our premises

  • Universal Testing Machine : We have Universal Tensile Machine to carry out a series of quality testing procedures to regulate many features such as tensile strength, crushing, flare, flattening flange, reverse bend on products, & ensure compliance with relevant National & International Standards.
  • Hydro Testing Machines : To carry out for Quality testing at hydro testing machine to ensure specified water pressure parameters.
  • Hardness Tester : To ensure the quality of metallurgical composition recommended in the manual of specifications.

All other routine tests like Tensile Testing, Flattening Test, Bend Test, Drift Expansion Test, Price Test etc., done periodically and recorded systematically, by our own staff and qualified supervisors ensures that we never compromise on quality.

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