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Worldwide demand of Stainless Steel products is increasing at rate of 5% per year. Thanks to our industrialization growth in developing economies (BRIC), annual consumption is now well over 22 million tons and rising in areas such as construction, metallurgy and household appliances. Stainless steel is stronger, higher corrosive resistant, low maintenance, attractive in appearance and costlier than standard grade of steel.

We are one of the leading Stainless steel pipes manufacturers and exporters, in different specifications and dimensions, which find applications in high demanding industries and sectors, particularly high temperature and corrosive resistance services.

One of the leading Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in India

Pearlite Steel is also one of the leading exporter of Stainless Steel pipes. Our supply chain includes Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Africa and many other import sources. We have superior level of industries expertise because we have state-of-art manufacturing facility to produce ERW stainless steel pipes & tubes with latest technologies. Checkout of Stainless steel pipes and tubes products with detailed specification.

Stainless steel pipes are economical ways for conveyance of liquids intended for high temperature compare to shipping by rail road. Very useful in industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Fertilizers, paper and pulp, water treatment facilities, Dairy, Furniture etc. Stainless steel pipes also have many numerous applications, which are crusial in many industries.

Shapes and Dimension of Stainless Steel pipes

We manufacture and export different shape and dimentions of stainless steel pipes

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular

Nav Bharat Steel operates according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO , ASTM and various international standard to manufacturer best quailty stainless steel pipes. Customer satisfaction and reliability are the key focus of product development. Contact us for product and quotation inquiry. Nav Bharat Steel – one of the leading Stainless Steel Manufacturers in India.

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