Role Of Stainless Steel In Sugar Industry in India

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Stainless steel is considered to be one of the most exceptional inventions in the history of mankind. Stainless steel stands apart from the rest of the metals due to its versatility in industries, in urban products and in domestic use. At Nav Bharat Tubes Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture stainless steel pipes, coils and sheets which can be turned into usable items for your home, industry or kitchen.

Stainless steel is a kind of metal alloy made from the combination of steel and other metals like nickel and chromium. The composition of the metal alloy used in stainless steel determines the grades which can vary from low to high which refers to quality, durability, and also temperature resistance.

Problems in Sugar Industry
Traditionally, equipments in the Sugar industry are made from mild steel which has resulted in corrosion, becoming a major factor to be addressed in the sugar industry. Some other issues include:

#1 Coloring in Sugar: It is estimated that about 20-25 kg equivalent of Fe2O3 is mixed in sugarcane juice for every 1000 tons processed through sulphitation process (Source: P Honig, Principles of Sugar Technology Part-I). This is a source of corrosion, giving a dark colour to the sugarcane juice, resulting in loss of whiteness.

#2 24×7 manufacturing: Continuous manufacturing gives less time for maintenance of equipments during the season. Corrosion occurs during the off-season due to atmospheric oxidation of mild steel equipment. During restarting, most of this rust is transferred to Sugar which needs re-melting to reduce wastage.

#3 Hygiene: The tanks and equipment fabricated from the mild steel is not conducive to hygiene and the resultant sugar fails to get a good price in highly competitive market.

The above-given reasons leading to corrosion has become a major challenge in the world and needs to be tackled in order to avoid economic losses. It is time to switch to stainless steel. Listed below are the range of equipments which will benefit from the use of appropriate grade of stainless steel. Pipes, coils and sheets made at Nav Bharat Tube Pvt. Ltd. can be further used to manufacture the following products.

Cane carrier side plates
Cane carrier chain links
Rake type intercarrier, Wear Pads troughs and rakes
Mill imbibition piping
Donnely chutes
Juice pump body and impellers (up to sulphited juice pump)
Mill juice gutters
Whirler tanks, screened juice and unscreened juice tanks
Bagasse carrier trough
Raw juice lines
Clarifier mud scrapers
Juice sulphiter
SO2 gas pipeline
Rotary vacuum filter filtrate lines and tanks
Juice heater covers
Juice heater condensate lines
Vacuum crystallizer top dome
Pan and last evaporator vapor lines
Condensate lines for an evaporator
Molasses gutters
Partition plates inside continuous centrifugal
Centrifugal basket ribs
Hopper trough and base plates
Benefits of using stainless steel in the sugar industry are:

Resistance to heat
Resistance to corrosion
Ability to withstand shock and abrasion
Prevents contamination
Low maintenance
Can withstand dents and scratches even in aggressive operating conditions
Can withstand heavy wash downs using chemicals or other detergents
Is inert to alkalis and acids
If you are looking for the stainless steel products for sugar processing plant then Nav Bharat stainless steel is the best choice for you. To know more about our product range visit our website:

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