Stainless Steel 304 Condensate Pots

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Nav Bharat Tubes is known for ensuring that patron satisfaction is our highest priority. We accept small and large orders.Condensate pots in stainless steel 304In a very efficient way. The world’s largest stock of high-quality alloys is available to us. We make sure that we have a steady supply of condensate containers in all standards, specifications, designations, and dimensions. This helps to avoid any shortages for our customers. We also have stock of altered dimensions, which can be difficult to find.

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The main purpose of SS condensate containers is to improve flow measurement accuracy in steam pipelines. They act as an interface between the condensed and vapor phases in the impulse line. Condensate pots come in a variety of grades and are designed according to the pressure design codes.

There are approximately 304 grades
Alloy 304 is an austenitic alloy grade that has been deeply drawn using the most recent machinery. This results in 304 grade being the most popular grade for applications in adverse environments. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion in all corrosive environments, even those that are intermittent. This grade is resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion even in environments with high levels of chlorides.

Stainless Steel 304 Condensate Pots are resistant to stress corrosion cracking at temperatures up to 60 degrees C. They also resist oxidation in fluctuating temperatures up up to 870 degrees C. However this grade is not recommended to be used in higher temperatures.

Installation These lines can be placed horizontally or vertically between the flow meter/transmitter gauge. This acts as a barrier to fluid and allows direct measurement of flow conditions. To reduce errors, which may result from an uneven head of fluid connecting pressure line pressure lines, essential units should be mounted at the exact same level.

We are a trusted supplier of condensate containers and we perform different types of testing to verify the product’s reliability in adverse environments. We follow the global standards for testing condensate pots. Each one must pass these tests before any further processing can begin. These tests include the PMI, pressure, pitting corrosion, micro, leakage, chemical, mechanical, ultrasonic, and hardness tests. Other tests include the IGC, macro, radiography and tensile, compression, and other tests.

Packaging To ensure that our customers receive the best products, we pay attention to packaging. We pay attention to safety and make sure goods are safe during transit. For damage-free shipping, we use wooden boxes, pallets and wooden cages. Customers can request additional mountings. We use plastic rolling to prevent contamination.

Nav Bharat Tubes is a leader in the production of Stainless Steel 304 Condensate Pots. We can work with any national or international buyer to provide the products that are required for your specific application.

Quality Assurance

Stainless Steel S30400 Condensate pots are manufactured to international standards, such as ASTM and ASME. Before they can be dispatched, all products are subject to stringent quality control.


Material tests on Stainless Steel 304 Condensate Pots include PMI Testing and Ultrasonic Test. Mechanical Testing and Spectro Tests to Chemical Analysis are also performed. Flaring Test, IGC, IGC are just a few of the material tests. These are just a few of the tests that we have conducted in our facility. Any representative of third-party inspection agencies or your agency is welcome to inspect our facility stage by stage.

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