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Top Producers of Stainless Steel Coils in Delhi

Variety Metal is among the highly regarded stainless steel coil makers within Delhi. We are renowned for our ability to deliver perfect products that are designed to meet industrial requirements. Steel products from us not only meet the standards of quality but also offer the greatest price to customers.

Amazing 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Coils

Variety Metal has been involved with steel products for more than forty years and this huge experience assists us in producing top high-quality 304 With the years of an experience manufacturing facility, the highly trained personnel make us the best option for steel products.

Reputable suppliers of Stainless Steel Coils in India

As one of the most renowned manufacturers of SS coils from India, We have an empathetic approach to provide the highest value for our customers. Our modern manufacturing procedures and our team of specialists enable us to fulfill our commitments. We can help you get your SS coils-related needs met most efficiently by contacting us.



  • Stable in dimension
  • Durable
  • Non-corrosive


  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Valves & Pumps Manufacturing
  • Marine Industry
  • Gas 


As one of the top Stainless Steel Coils Manufacturers in Delhi, we offer stainless steel coils that come in an extensive range of cold and hot coated coils that come in a variety of designs and finishes that allow for modulation of the dimensions of the item. We provide a vast variety of stainless steel coils to delight our customers by meeting their requirements. 


The stainless steel products that we manufacture are top quality and are widely regarded by our clients as the most superior on the market. Our modern and enhanced services for coils include lancing, shearing, and more. Since we are one of the Stainless Steel Coils Suppliers in India, we offer our stainless steel according to the industry standard and doesn’t easily oxidize or rust, and also stain easily from exposure to water. We guarantee the durability and long-lasting quality of our products.


With the years of experience that we have gained, we offer our customers the highest quality stainless steel coils for sale at an affordable price in the industry. In this way, we have stood out in the market with the best products produced by our expert team employing the most modern equipment.


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