Why Stainless Steel is important for hygiene in commercial kitchens

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Have you ever thought about why you should choose stainless steel? There are a variety of reasons food companies purchase this kind of metal. For many, there’s nothing more appealing than having an industrial kitchen that is outfitted with stainless steel items due to the numerous advantages it can bring.

If you’re thinking of creating your own restaurant, but you’re not sure which alloy is the ideal choice for your needs, then in this article, you’ll discover all the details you need to make an informed choice.

Simple to wash

The use of stainless steel is in commercial kitchens as well as food processing plants due to the fact that it is simple to maintain and clean. It is also a non-porous substance that means it doesn’t absorb moisture as other materials (for instance wood).

That makes it a secure choice in environments that need to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Requires little maintenance

Because scratches are very difficult to cause on the exterior, Stainless steel cookware requires minimal maintenance. If there is any damage, you’ll require a metal cleaner and a soft cloth to help the cookware to restore the original look.

Formica surfaces may crack or break in the event of stress or the impact of a collision but stainless steel is durable enough to stand up to bumps.

It might cost a little more than other types of materials but you won’t have to replace it over an extended period of time. If you care for it in the way it should be, the stainless steel appliance will last well beyond its lifespan.

Improved efficiency within the kitchen

Tables for food preparation that are made of stainless steel plates play an important role in commercial kitchens, since they let staff prepare multiple dishes simultaneously.

These are not just a way to increase the efficiency of kitchens, but they also reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

Hygiene is the norm

Sanitation laws stipulate that every food or dining area must include a sink in the establishment (near the bar or in the kitchen in the restrooms of staff).

Sinks made of stainless steel are an absolute essential item for any business. Select a long and deep style to keep your dishes and kitchen equipment tidy. For sinks, choose small ones. Because of the limited space the kitchen staff will not want to use the sink for other purposes than washing your hands, for example, washing your vegetables.

To store and serve food items

Carveries and buffets are a popular trend in the culinary world however, they can pose health risks because of contamination of food items and causing damage to the food items.

Broilers and pots made of stainless steel are excellent insulation and regulators. They can keep your food items at a safe and desired temperature.

Excellent to cook with

Contrary to Teflon cookware the kitchenware made from stainless steel is tough and not susceptible to rusting, chipping or staining if they are properly taken care of.

Furthermore, these appliances are made up of at least five layers that provide a consistent heat flow and durability. Aluminum appliances radiate heat into the inner layers, which isn’t recommended on the outside because of its corrosive qualities.

Cleaning Tips

When you’ve finished the day’s work working in commercial kitchens your stainless steel kitchenware as well as sinks and shelves could get filthy.

In order to clean stainless-steel items make use of cleaning products that are suitable for the material. This way, you can remove any stain or residue quickly and leave a sparkling surface.

Be sure to not employ steel wool for cleaning stainless steel products as you may scratch or leave bits of metal that can contaminate food products.



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