Why Nav Bharat Stainless Steel?

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Nav Bharat Stainless Steel is a leading and prominent manufacturer in the steel industry with over decades of experience. At Nav Bharat, the experts are experienced in guiding the customers with the right choice according to their requirement.
Now, you must be wondering why customers choose Nav Bharat over the competitors? Well, it’s is because of the premium quality of stainless steel that we offer to our customers, which has 100% spotless ace finish and 100% size precision. Not to mention it, the stainless steel provided at Nav bharat is absolutely free from corrosion and welding defects.

About Nav Bharat

Nav Bharat Stainless Steel is one of the reputed stainless steel manufacturers in this industry. Innovation, unmatched services and irreplaceable pipe quality is what we offer and always strive to accomplish. Our idea of success is not just to fulfill our defined goals and objectives, but also to refine them from time to time.
With commitment, passion, teamwork and excellence in our manufacturing, we have taken a long road to success. So, we are humbled, thrilled and motivated to work harder and deliver the desired solutions.

Why Nav Bharat Stainless Steel is Preferred?

As you must be aware of the fact that steel is categorized into two, one, stainless steel and second, mild steel. Nowadays, mild steel has become immensely prominent because for customers as well as manufacturers, it is cost effective. However, when you go into the details, you will realize that manufacturers are taking advantage of their customers because they can’t easily Distinguish The Stainless Steel And Mild Steel.

Of course, mild steel may be advantageous in certain terms, especially in cost. But the very fact remains the same is that mild steel or carbon steel has contents of iron and carbon, which ranges from 0.055 to 3% only. On the contrary, stainless steel, specifically Nav Bharat stainless steel contain 10.5% chromium by mass.
Moving further, there are various other advantages of buying stainless steel from Nav Bharat. First of all, it is absolutely corrosion resistance and that’s when it came into the spotlight. There are numerous Stainless Steel Manufacturers in India, which provides steel that maybe highly durable but is more vulnerable to corrosion or rust. Stainless steel at Nav Bharat guarantees protection against corrosion because the chromium of 10k grit is alloyed into the metal. Secondly, it is the appearance and spotless surface finish that attracts the customers who are looking for it! Stainless steel is lustrous and eye-catching in look and appearance because of the perfect blend of Chromium and Nickel. Therefore, whether you are seeking out stainless steel for grills, railings or gates, at Nav Bharat Stainless Steel, your every requirement will be fulfilled entirely!


To conclude, Nav Bharat stainless steel is making a mark in this industry by beating its competitors simply by providing quality, which customers are actually seeking for! Hence, while choosing the Stainless Steel Manufacturer, make sure that you have done all the research because not every manufacturer will provide you with the best quality.

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